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After a year of closure, the castle of Groot-Bijgaarden will open again the exhibition FLORALIA BRUSSELS, which you can enjoy from April 2 to May 3, 2022. Find the enchantment of a million multicolored tulips dancing in the sun at Castle of Groot-Bijgaarden.

Floralia Brussels will consider all current corona measures for your security.

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Open daily from 2 April to 3 May 2022

Openinghours: from 10 am to 6 pm

1. Do I have to wear a face mask in Floralia Brussels?

Yes. We ask every visitor to bring a face mask to Floralia Brussels. Those who don't have one, can purchase it at the entrance for 2 EUR.

Wearing a mask is compulsory in the entire park for everyone from 12 years old.

A mask is also necessary (from 12 years) between the car park and the entrance of the park.

2. I want to come to Floralia Brussels with a day ticket. Do I also have to book my visit?

Yes. For security reasons, there is a visitor limit per day.

Visitors who wish to visit us with a day ticket must therefore purchase these tickets online in advance.


3. Can you scan the ticket on my smartphone?
Yes, we will ask you to turn your screen brightness high.

4. What will happen if I come to Floralia Brussels without having bought a day ticket online?

If the maximum number of visitors has not yet been reached on this day and tickets are still available online, we will ask you to buy a ticket (for example via your smartphone). Once you have bought an online ticket can we grant you access to the park.

5. I have a season pass for 2022, so do I have to book my visit in advance?

Yes, for the first visit you will book the date of visit. This season pass stays valid from 2 April to 3 May 2022. The following days, you register on site at the cash desk.

6. I have booked a day ticket, but I want season ticket instead. How can I do this?
Visitors can change its day ticket into a season pass on the day of their visit, which will remain valid for the rest of the season. You only must pay the difference in price between a day ticket and the season pass. This is only possible on the day of your visit. You can do this at the ticket booths at the entrance of the park.

7. Will be there a cafeteria or take-away?

Under current regulations and local legislation, a take-away is available, but it is requested not to consume in the park.

8. Can I bring my picnic and eat and drink in the park?

Yes but we ask to not consume in the park, but it can consumed in your car or elsewhere.

9. Is the entire park accessible?

The park is accessible, except for the greenhouses, the tower and the chapel.

10. Will be there soap and hand gel available at the entrance and toilets?

Yes, hand gel will be available at the entrance and toilets. We recommend you bring your own bottle of hand gel. Toilets are regularly disinfected. The distance rules of 1.5 m between people and wearing a face mask apply.

11. Do I have to pay for a toilet visit?

Yes, we will ask 50 cents per person. Toilets are regularly disinfected. The distance rules of 1.5 m between people and wearing a face mask apply.

12. Are dogs welcome in the park?

Yes, but we ask to keep the dogs on the leash and pick up their droppings with a poop bag.