The unluckiest lords

Grand Bigard’s most unlucky lord is undoubtedly no one else than the previous mentioned Jean Estor. He served Emperor Charles V and lived in the castle with his mother Marguerite de Baenst. He became acquainted with Antoine de Zaymenrt, a soldier and surgeon, but also a fervent astrologer and protestant convert.

Charles V saw Protestantism as a threat to his empire and strongly condemned it. Those who ignored the prohibition, would be put to death and all property would be confiscated.

Antoine de Zaymert managed to convince Jean Estor and his mother to convert to the new religion. They made the mistake to announce their conversion public in the church. Shortly after the announcement, they found themselves under fire with the authorities.

Jean Estor and his mother remained stubborn. They sought refuge in the tower.

The council of Brabant had send armed men to besiege the tower. Finally Jean Estor and his mother had to surrender. Brabant, Maria van Hongarije, governess of the Netherlands, and Emperor Charles found Estor and his mother guilty and condemned them to death. In spite of all their appeals of mercy, they were secretly beheaded - a privilege reserved to noblemen - on January 5th 1548.

Although Antoine Zayment, managed to escape from prison, but was forced to jump from a window and fell to his death. His body was devoured by crows.

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